Chicago on the town

Wow, we got our steps in today.  We started the day with mass at St. Ambrose.  Fr. Bill was asked to celebrate the mass and a young deacon from Togo who is studying at the Catholic Theological Union was asked to preach.  For all the students it was their first experience of a Catholic mass being celebrated in the Black Catholic tradition.  They loved the gospel music and the other elements from the Black Protestant tradition like the extended sign of peace which included the entire congregation.

Our group with Deacon Thierry at St. Ambrose.

After a quick lunch we set off for downtown Chicago.  The first stop was Millennial Park and the “Cloud” statue which is mostly know as “The Bean” here in Chicago.  The reflective surface makes the viewer part of the art and just draws you to be part of it.

It was warm but windy in the city so we were comfortable taking a bit of a walk.  So, after the bean we went in search of the Chicago Theater.  The theater is a Mecca for young performers coming out of Chicago and for many the launch pad for their careers. Artists like Chance the Rapper first made a name for themselves performing at the Chicago Theatre.

After the Chicago Theater we hiked to Navy Pier to get a view of the city from Lake Michigan.

It was a long, long, walk back to the cars.  Everyone was footsore and windswept by the time we made it back to the parish.  And hungry, very hungry.  Rick was head chef tonight and made a big pasta dinner with garlic bread and mozzarella salad.  Ektaa wanted to get some school work done and looked up a coffee shop in the University of Chicago.  She didn’t exactly guilt everyone to go with her but she does drive a big van and can turn on the Mom way of saying ‘you can stay here if you want but if you brought any books or notes with you it might be a good opportunity to study’.  Well everyone went.

A few of the crew were thinking of transferring to UofC after that trip.  The school’s architecture is inspiring and the coffee shop had a very cool vibe.