Chicago, IL and Dayton, OH CCME

Another Urban Plunge experience we offer is to Spiritan Parishes in Chicago, Il. and Dayton, OH. The week begins at St. Ambrose Parish in the Hyde Park/Kenwood community. Students work in a variety of inner-city ministries (Soup Kitchens, Homeless shelters etc) in order to get an understanding of urban poverty in a larger metropolitan area.

Students transition mid-week to St. Benedict the Moor Parish in the west side of Dayton, OH. The ultimate goal of the experience is to understand socioeconomic and racial inequality in a smaller urban setting. West Dayton is a low income, predominantly African American community. The work being done at St. Benedict and surrounding Spiritan parishes seeks to address these inequalities in the community. Duquesne students help to raise funds for playground and school equipment in addition to spending time with children and parish members.

To learn more about the work Spiritans are doing in Dayton and other parts of Ohio, click here.