A Final Reflection


Today was our last day of camp- pool day!! The kids were outside of the church by 7:30 because they were so excited. Around 9 we piled all of the kids into a bus and drove to the pool. It was pretty crazy in the pool. Everyone had at least 5 kids hanging off of them at all times. We played games and had races and I tried teaching a few of the kids how to swim. I got dragged under the water a couple times too. It was a very fun but extremely exhausting day in the pool. The important thing is that the kids absolutely loved it and they were all smiles the whole day!


After getting back to the church, we sang happy birthday to Kate and ate ice cream cake. Then we all took very long naps. A bit later there was a massive downpour and the church was flooded. We all pitched in using brooms and mops to try and get the water back outside. Today was just full of water!


As we are leaving tomorrow, I want to reflect a little on our trip. I have had one of the best weeks of my life. Not only have I made the best of friends and memories, I have learned so much about what it means to be a community. I really hope I can take the sense of community and tranquillity i have learned here back with me to the states. I feel so content and free here. When you don’t have all of the luxuries we have in the states like wifi and water, you focus more on the relationships and people you meet. They are so giving here. Even though the kids don’t have much, they will willingly give you presents like an ankle bracelet or a shell they got from the beach.  I am so happy to have met all of the kids and teens here in the Dominican Republic. One of my friends on this trip said something in reflection that I think is too good not to share. It really encompasses how I think we all feel. Femi said that she thinks the people here have given us more than we could ever give them. The friendships I have made with the teens is more than I could’ve ever imagined. From riding motos and salsa-ing the night away to water balloon fights, I could not have had a better time. I am so happy to be going back to the states with 9 new amigos.

-Emily Crisen

Pictured: (Left)Kids lining up an HOUR before camp each morning, (Center top: meeting with the teens to plan camp, Center Bottom: Group pic with Padre and Frankie the Dog at the end of the week), Right: Dominican Teens and Duq students mid water fight!


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