Ektaa’s Thoughts

Before this week, I hardly had interacted with any of the students going on this trip. Occasionally I would see Kenny or Caroline in the library, where I practically live, but not see any one else. I was worried about how the students would interact with each other, how they would see me, or if I would be able to build a sense of community among them. All my doubt was completely gone before the first day even ended. The 8 hour car ride to Chicago was filled with ice breakers and sharing our favorite music. Everyone quickly became friends. Every night we come together to make a balance dinner and work as a well oiled machined to clean up after ourselves. Over the past few days the sense of family among the truly diverse group of students can be felt by anyone who comes across the 11 of us.

Our time in Chicago was filled with intense games of scrabble, spoons, and would you rather questions, and sprinkled off with service to the community and engaging with the community members. But mostly TICE games of scrabs. In Ohio, we helped organize and clean up some of the classrooms at Benedict the Moore school and had the chance to play with children that attend the school. Tonight we will be helping out at the Fish Fry at the church where we hope to meet more of the community members.

All in all this trip has been an a great experience we all have stepped out of our individual comfort zones to experience and learn new things. I hope that this group can continue to create stronger ties with one another in the time to come.



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