Immokalee Returns to the Blog- Day two

Hello again! Welcome to day 2 of our blog! Today I, along with the rest of our group, started our morning with a tour of the RCMA, an organization that takes part in the Head Start Program. The most exciting part of the RCMA was playing with the kids. There are many different rooms with kids ranging from babies to age 5. The first room I was in had 3-year-old kids who spoke Spanish and some English. There was a Spanish-speaking teacher and an English-speaking teaching in the classroom. I thought it was exciting how they taught English and Spanish together, although the kids only knew a little bit of English. Despite the language barrier, I loved playing with the kids. A simple smile went such a long way and we were able to communicate through basic pointing and laughing. The second room I went into had 5-year-olds and these kids were so much fun. The kids had so much energy and ran up to us as soon as we entered the room. These kids spoke English so it was really easy to speak and play with them. For 20 minutes we played with pots and pans and threw things around the room, but it was so joyful. These kids seemed to be having the time of their life. I never wanted to leave the kids, but we had to leave to have lunch at the lake. During this time we reflected as a group and it was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts about their expectations for the trip. Having signed onto the trip later than everyone else, I would say I have an open mind and am extremely excited about the trip.


After lunch we had a presentation at the CIW. The presentation was given in Spanish and translated into English. This was so interesting as someone who doesn’t know any Spanish because I found myself listening more intently to the Spanish than the English. We also got to find out what it felt like to lift a 32 pound bucket of tomatoes, which I found I could not do once let alone hundreds of times a day. Before leaving the CIW we did some work around the building. It was great to get involved with the people we will be working with all week. Overall, day 2 was an amazing day full of learning experiences and great bonding time with our group. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week holds! Hope you check back tomorrow!


Hannah McCandless – Senior, Public Relations Major


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