Day Four in Immokalee

March 8, 2017


Today is our fourth day in beautiful Immokalee. We have been here for half a week now and I’ve started to realize several things on this trip.


To start, I am very happy I came on this trip. Before coming here, I was very nervous about coming on this trip, with it being my first mission trip and not knowing anyone on this trip. I am truly blessed to be with this group of kind and wonderful people. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Seeing everyone work together, whether it is at Guadalupe Social Services sorting clothes or working in the kitchen to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the lunch the next day, warms my heart. We all became so close in just a short amount of time.

Making lunches

Making Lunches is the MOST important part of the night 🙂

I knew before coming on this trip that there were many problems in Immokalee that could not be solved overnight. I really hope that we can make some kind of impact in our short amount of time here. Sometimes, I almost feel helpless because I know we can do so much more for them. While I was at Guadalupe Social Services, I got to sit in with one of the social workers. I will be honest, it was hard sitting there because I know very little Spanish and I don’t even know Creole. I saw the social worker do as much as he could for these people, and as amazing as it was to see the community helping out its people, I still felt we, or I, could have done so much more. However, I know the little things can make a huge impact.

Guadalupe Social Services

On our first day, we went to RCMA. Like everyone else, I was very excited to play with the little kids. As soon as I entered one of the classrooms in the charter school, several children practically jumped on me. It was so much fun just being with those little kids and having fun. I don’t know what is going on in those kids’ lives, but I do hope that our little interaction with each other left a positive impact. They were so excited to see some of my fellow group members and I in their classroom. To me, while it is not the same as building a house or painting a room, playing and interacting with those children is just as impactful.


For the rest of the week, I will keep in mind that while I know there is still so much left to do, my group and I are doing as much as we can. God brought us together and sent us here for a reason. I hope that we can make a change.


-Gabby Garcia



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