Dinner with the Knight Family

Bridget and I went to the Knight family’s home for dinner. Earlier in the day, we met Mrs. Knight in the Matthew 25 store, as she coordinates and organizes the thrift store. We had the lovely pleasure of meeting her daughter and husband as well. Throughout the evening, we talked about all of the organizations that Mrs. Knight actively participates in and helps run. She is part of the Matthew 25, the food bank at the Parish, and more. We talked about the diverse communities they assist through the programs at the church. The Parish strives to aid the community in any way possible by providing various outreach programs, which is truly wonderful to see happening.

We also discussed the different types of masses that Our Lady Queen of Peace has to offer, such as the Spanish masses and more intimate afternoon mass, where church goers sit around the alter instead of in pews. Overall, it was great to learn more about how involved the church members are in this Parish; each person plays a vital role in making the programs run smoothly.



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