Dinner with Elizabeth and Tim


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On Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to have dinner with a couple, Tim and Elizabeth, from the Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Arlington, Virginia. For me, this was one of the greatest experiences that I had during my mission trip in Arlington. Both Tim and Elizabeth were so welcoming and kind. These were complete strangers who invited someone who they had never met into their house for dinner. Before arriving at their home, I was worried that the dinner might be awkward and that we had nothing to talk about, but I couldn’t be more wrong. To start off, we had the best home cooked dinner, of tacos and ice cream, that I’ve had in a while. The conversations at dinner were never dull and I learned so much about Arlington, Tim and Elizabeth’s life, and their upcoming mission trip to Peru. By the end of the night it was hard to believe that I was even nervous in the first place. On our way back to the church, Tim and Elizabeth pointed out all the monuments and important buildings in D.C., which was really cool to see.




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