“Perhaps this is the moment” — Our Second Day in Baltimore

Monday in Baltimore was full of sun and fun as we worked in the Rec Center on a variety of tasks to make the hall more welcoming to members of the community!


Our first task was to fix the stage backdrop. This makes the hall look more tidy for different events that are held here, such as a biweekly food distributions and movie nights! We also cleaned out some of the bins used to store the food for the distributions, as well as the refrigerator!

Next we took to the task of general cleaning up: sweeping the floor, wiping down chairs, and vacuuming rugs that we then placed throughout the hall to give it a more home-y feel.

The best part of our long day was the conversations we got to have with two prominent members of the St. Edwards family. Wayne is a parishioner who has been a part of the St. Edward’s family his entire life and even attended the school that used to be on the same grounds as the church! LaDell came to the church when she moved nearby 30 years ago, but has since become a driving force behind many of the churches programs. We got to reflect with Wayne and LaDell about how the community has transformed over the years and some of the biggest challenges the community will face in the future. It was so energizing to hear about the devotion these two people have to their community and the amazing work they are doing every day to improve the lives of people here!


Lastly we were tasked with creating a mural for the foyer of the Rec Center. Since the entire process of designing and painting the mural was left up to us, we spent some time brainstorming what we wanted. We decided on something colorful and personal. Currently we have finished the base of the wall and are working on the design (no spoilers!)






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