Noon Mass


March 6, 2017

It was fitting that after our time with the Matthew 25 store, the gospel read at mass was Matthew 25.  This gospel so fully encompasses all that Our Lady Queen of Peace represents.  The many ministries work so hard to clothe the naked, feed the poor, care for the sick, and welcome strangers.  It’s both humbling and inspiriting to see Jesus’ words put into action.

The mass we attended, after a sunny walk around the block, was amazing.  Mass was held in the church but the fifteen of us there circled around the altar, rather than sitting in pews.  We held hands as we prayed the Lord’s prayer, contributed prayers during intercessions, and everyone got up to walk around to wish everyone peace.  For me, the most profound part of mass was how intimate the Eucharist felt. I watched the priest break the bread right in front of me.  I had seen this from afar every weekend since I knew who Jesus was, but for it to be so close really struck me.  The sheer simplicity of this bread, that is Jesus Christ, brought me back to the humbleness he embodies, that all of us should try to embody everyday, especially during this season of Lent.       Bridget


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