Mullens Day 3

Mullens Day 3.pngWe woke up in the MOC and prepared for the day like we had the day prior. Everyone took turns brushing their teeth, changing, and warming up bagels for breakfast. As we met in what has become our “family room” in this short time, we all proceeded outside of the MOC together to see what the people of Mullens had in store for us today. The group began the day watching and taking turns with the mulch shredder which had been the product of our crowd-funding. From there, Ruby, showed the girls the way she wanted larger rocks to be placed around irrigation drains which were then covered with rock mixtures and dirt. Together, the group of Duquesne students and Americore workers dug wheel-barrows full of dirt and rocks used to pack the drains. With only an hour break for lunch, Duquesne students and Americore workers finished in 7 hours what would normally take five or more days for the workers to complete on their own. Following the completion of the day, we, the Duquesne students headed inside to sit down for some tacos and brownies for dinner. We were joined by Arnie and Kathy who shared with us their memories and stories from the work and eventual move to Mullens, West Virginia. The couple had moved here many, many years ago and now consider themselves natives. They informed us of the problems and needs for the people of Mullens. Through our time with them, we have learned how far our work can go while we’re here, but also the incredible impact we can have on so many others when we complete our time here at Mullens. As we close and begin to unwind for the night, we look forward to what tomorrow’s opportunities will bring. I look forward to what tomorrow may have in store for us with the launching of sustainable farming to twenty-five families in Mullens. I think I can speak for everyone in the fact that we are incredibly blessed to have had to opportunity to work with such amazing people who are so willing to help us in beginning to understand the immensity of our small amounts of work.


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