Some of us went to a women’s shelter today, while the rest went to a soup kitchen down the street from St. Ambrose’s. Tomorrow we’ll switch.


 at the women’s center had the chance to get dirty, whether by raking leaves or taking a group selfie in a tree. Hard to imagine but it was the first time several of us had climbed a tree. But we beat the rain and filled twenty or more bags of leaves.


 as the raking was, we also had the chance to interact with some dedicated staff and hear about their passions and involvement in the shelter. In particular Miss Maple had some advice to share and surprisingly strong hugs to give. But raking was nice because

 even though it was small and seemingly had an insignificant impact, it was feasible for a group to do. But the single man caretaker would have had a harder time of it.


 into the soup kitchen also included some telenovela-esque adventures. Kitchen drama, three hour onion chopping marathons, and perfected parmesan sprinkling. What a tice experience.


 the kitchen, Father Bill whipped up some chicken and we had a classy burrito bar for dinner afters dirty rakers showered. We are honestly eating like kings and queens, and intimate “family dinners” around the parsonage dining room table are always touching.

  This was followed by some good reflections as a group. 


 some of the team is in the kitchen experimenting with “provocative brownies.”  


 usually start off with violent Scrabble matches, but usually end with much calmer games like spoons. But the night is still young.

Kennychard Lafontant & Richard Kushay


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