Welcome To Immokalee!

fullsizerenderHi there, welcome to our blog! Today Molly and I arrived in Immokalee, FL a city outside of Naples that is economically dependent on migrant farm workers. After a very long morning that started around 4:00am, we were so happy to arrive at our home for the week provided by Habitat for Humanity. I was so excited that I immediately napped but Molly actually made it out to Lake Trafford and got acquainted with some local wildlife. Yes alligators are as scary as you would think they’d be. After a hard afternoon of napping we spent the day becoming familiar with Immokalee and previewed our sites that we will work at for the upcoming week, including a children’s day care, the local homeless shelter, and Habitat for Humanity built neighborhoods. After driving around the town and observing local culture, it truly felt like we were not in the United States anymore. It actually reminded me and Molly a lot of the CCME we had participated in a few years ago in the Dominican Republic. The strong sense of community and hospitality shown to us by the few locals we met was very similar to San Juan de la Maguana’s. We are looking forward to seeing what the week holds for us and eating some more tacos! Check back for more posts soon!

Molly Grady (Grad Student; Nursing) and Hannah Barner (IR and IMC)


img_1480          img_6812





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