Mullens Day 2

Hello from West Virginia! So, it’s our second day in Mullens and we are having a great time. 


     Today we went to mass where we shared breakfast with the parishioners. After breaking bread and sharing stories, we headed to Saint Vincent dePaul to see if anyone had any work for us to do. Debbie put us to work assembling furniture. We spent about 2 hours putting chairs, futons, and lamps together. After that, we went to Tamarack, which is an artists marketplace, where we ate dinner and shopped. It’s 10:03 right now and we are playing cards and a version of “telephone” on paper. 2 plates of fresh baked cookies were just placed on the game table. 

     In one of our trip planning meetings, Father Dan said that this trip gets more complaints than any other trip. Every year, people grumble about there being “too many cookies.” Well, I can confirm the accuracy of these complaints. It’s only the second day and I’ve already eaten at least 12 cookies.. in addition to ice cream and mashed potatoes at Tamarack.

     Tomorrow we will be tackling some type of gardening project. We are all practicing being flexible and adaptable because we never know exactly what we will be doing beforehand. We are well fed and well received everywhere we go. Thank you for your support and prayers! 


We traveled one town over so we could go to Church today. There were thirty people there: fifteen of us from the mission trip and fifteen parishioners. The priest, Fr. Jack, welcomed us like we had been going to Church there our entire lives. He hugged us, joked with us, and made us feel completely at home. His hospitality and homily were phenomenal, but what really stood out to me was the way he went about doing the Sign of Peace. Fr. Jack went around to every individual person in the Church, all thirty, of us and individually hugged us and shook our hands for the Sign of Peace. The way we took the time to make sure every single person feel welcome and included reminded me of the way we should always treat each other. We should do our best to go out of our way to treat each other with kindness. Fr. Jack’s actions today embodied the idea of seeing Jesus in everyone and truly inspired. 


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