Donuts, Spray Paint, and Mathematicians! – Our First Full Day in Baltimore

Hey there, Baltimore here!

Today was our first full day at the St. Edward’s Parish in Baltimore. We had the opportunity to attend a traditional African-American mass this morning and served donuts and coffee to the parishioners afterward. The welcome was overwhelmingly warm and we were immediately made to feel at home and we are already making so many connections. For example, this morning we met a young woman who is looking into colleges and we told her all about Duquesne!


During the mass, we heard gospel music and there was a band that played along with the songs giving the whole experience an upbeat tone. Parishioners sang and clapped along. One of the best parts of the service was the Sign of Peace when everyone got up from their seat and moved throughout the chapel in order to shake hands and extend a greeting to everyone.

After mass, we got to work! We headed over to the Rec Center where we organized items for a monthly food distribution and did some small tasks such as stacking chairs and using spray paint to spruce up some tables. It was motivating to see all the ways we can help the Rec Center, and this community, throughout the week, even by just doing small tasks!

At the suggestion of one of the parishioners, we decided to go see the movie Hidden Figures. The movie was great and is based on a true story about three African-American female NASA employees who were instrumental in getting the first Americans into space!


All in all it was a great first day and we can’t wait for the rest of the week!


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