Arrived in Chicago 

Our drive to Chicago was long and most people did catch up on their sleep on the way.  But we had bought extra long auxiliary cords for the cars so that everyone had a chance to plug in their phone and play their favorite songs.

We stopped south of Toledo Ohio for lunch and then passed the National RV Hall of Fame which is just before the turn off for Norte Dame University at South Bend Indiana.  There was only one objection when I announced that we didn’t have time to stop at the RV Hall of Fame but I’m sure that they could have sold a few t shirts if we had.  

When we arrived at St. Ambrose Parish we quickly put down our bags and got cooking.  It was all hands on deck.  We had some cheese and crackers, chili, cornbread muffins and mangos for dinner.

Kennychard cooking the chili

Ciera, Nicole, Alison Rick and Kayla cut up the mangos and only ate about 1/4 before they made it into the bowl.

Serving up dinner. Ryan was in charge of the muffins.

Washing up after dinner.

Kayla, who was on the trip last year and is back as our student leader, has just took the group on an expedition to find ice cream.  There is a Baskin Robins about five blocks away and everybody is in need of some stretching after the car ride.

Fr. Bill


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